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54 icons; Doctor Who, True Blood & more!

[10] misc (Merlin, Craig Fergusson, ?, Haven, 500 Days of Summer, Inception)
[12] Ashes To Ashes
[05] Battlestar Galactica
[05] Cort & Fatboy quotes
[08] Doctor Who
[03] Leverage
[11] True Blood

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I Wish It Could Be Christmas All Year Long

Last Xmas, I was making icons.. and then all caps I got went bye-bye as my laptop died.
Fortunately, I have since recovered what what on said laptop and thought I'd make em for you this year instead, again! Take a look if you're on the list. If you had a specific request and want another one, let me know (otherwise I'll go with what I had in store for you last year)!

If you're NOT on the list and still want an ixon or three for Xmas, comment Ho Ho Ho! to this post!
BSG - Tell them I ain't coming back.


You might have noticed Xmas passed without anyone getting any Xmas icons.. again.. so sorry guys but my big comp crashed and it had all your .psd's on it.. I still hope to be able to salvage them at some point and if/when I do, you'll get your icons. Promise. :)
BSG - Tell them I ain't coming back.

122 fucking icons, a wallpaper and something in between!

[122] Multifandom icons
[02] BSG big(ish) sized
[01] Veronica Mars wallpaper

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BSG - Tell them I ain't coming back.

87 icons; Dollhouse, Who, Torchwood and much more!

[87] Multifandom icons
[02] Caprica "DVD covers"

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