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Ta Ma Duh

Fuck me blind

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This is the personal graphic community of anno_superstar.
Here I post everything I make in Photoshop, be it icons (yes, mostly), wallpapers, banners, moodthemes and other stuff. Feel free to friend this community to watch for updates, but I'm not adding anyone back here. For more getting to know me, text, fangirling and other matters, check out my personal journal.

Stylesheet by awesome refuted.
"Ta Ma Duh" is chinese for "fuck me blind".

Resources + Awards

> Comment! Feedback is always very very welcome, be it neg or pos.
> Credit in keywords. You can credit the community, though I prefer you credit me as anno_superstar. Don't know how? Jst confused? Ask, I'm very friendly! And helpful.
> Don't steal/customize, kthnx. If you want to know what some text says or add/remove text from an icon, just let me know!
> Hotlinking is very uncool. Don't.
> Nominations on the other hand, are way cool! Be on your merry way with that.
> Wanna affiliate? Cool, let me know and I'll add you to the list!

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